Your Wife and Kids Will Thank You, The Gift of Estate Planning

Recently, I had the privilege of helping Pastor Thomas (name changed), a dedicated KBC pastor, finalize his estate plan. Days later, I had a touching encounter with his son. With gratitude, he thanked me for guiding his father through the complexities of estate planning. This conversation had spurred a sense of urgency within the family about their own estate planning needs. In that moment, I was reminded that an estate plan isn’t just about wealth—it’s an act of love and responsibility that safeguards our families from future uncertainties. 

An Estate Plan: More Than Just Legalities 

An estate plan is not merely a collection of legal documents—it’s a love letter to those you leave behind. It’s about ensuring that your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes, providing for your spouse, securing your children’s future, and perhaps, supporting a cause you hold dear.  

It’s about leaving clear instructions for your loved ones, saving them from potential legal disputes, and relieving them from making difficult decisions during times of deep grief. 

When seen in this light, estate planning becomes one of the most loving gestures you could extend to your family. 

Call to Action: Secure Your Legacy Now 

Pastor Thomas’s story serves as an invaluable lesson for all of us. If you’ve been putting off your estate planning, now is the time to act. The future peace of mind of your loved ones is at stake, and as exemplified by Pastor Thomas’s son, they will be grateful to you for taking this step. 

Here at the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, we are prepared to guide you on this journey. Using our extensive experience in estate planning, we strive to ensure a smooth transition of your assets to your loved ones. Our goal is a tailored estate plan that reflects your life’s journey, values, and aspirations. 

Reach out to us at [email protected], or call us at 502-489-3533. Let us help you navigate the path to securing your legacy. Remember, estate planning is about more than wealth preservation—it’s about preserving your values, your life’s work, and your love for your family. Let’s take this important step together. 


Austin Wilkerson

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