KBF’S Gospel Impact Fund: Funding 50 water well projects in southeast Asia

French Harmon
French Harmon President, Chief Executive Officer & Treasurer

In 2021, the Kentucky Baptist Foundation’s (KBF) board of directors established the Gospel Impact Fund. The purpose of this new initiative is to provide resources to churches, institutions and agencies to meet physical and spiritual needs which will further the gospel of Jesus Christ. The opportunity to provide funds to sustain existing ministries and extend the kingdom of Jesus Christ throughout the commonwealth and to the very ends of the earth brings joy to everyone at the KBF.

The KBF entered into a new partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB) to provide clean water resources for underprivileged people. The IMB identified sections of southeast Asia that desperately need fresh water for the people. After discussing the matter with Dr. Paul Chitwood, president of IMB, and Chris Kennedy, chief advancement officer of IMB, the KBF chose to invest in the drilling of water wells to advance the gospel.

Dr. Chitwood said, “I thank God for the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, Dr. French Harmon, and generous Kentucky Baptists who are partnering with the IMB to provide clean water and, even more importantly, the Water of Life, to the peoples of Southeast Asia! Access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges in Southeast Asia and spiritual lostness is the unrivaled greatest problem. Working with the KBF, we can provide a solution to both these problems.”

The KBF has a goal of funding 50 new water well projects over the next year. The total cost for the Clean Water Project (CWP) is $80,000. You can provide clean water for a village in southeast Asia with a donation to the KBF.

I believe CWP is a great opportunity to be a witness to the love and compassion that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Would you join me in this effort?Most of us can easily participate in helping to fund clean water and present the Water of Life that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All gifts to the Gospel Impact Fund: Clean Water Project are tax deductible. Please be sure to designate your gift to the Gospel Impact Fund when giving. Visit kybaptistfoundation.org for additional information.

French Harmon is president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.

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French Harmon

French Harmon

French Harmon is a native Kentuckian. He was born in Ashland and graduated from Paul G. Blazer High School. Harmon holds educational degrees from Marshall University, University of Louisville, University of the Cumberlands and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has earned an executive education certificate in non-profit leadership from the Harvard Kennedy School. He has pastored three congregations in Kentucky—Allen Baptist Church, Fort Mitchell Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Somerset. He has been a professor in leadership studies at the University of the Cumberlands and was team leader for church development at the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He is married to Rachael and together they have three children—Trae, Madison and Jack. Harmon has written one book God’s Ordinary Giants (2020). He enjoys sports, photography, travel and presidential history.

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