Streamline your charitable giving.

Make charitable donations, maximize tax benefits, and support your church and favorite ministries through one flexible fund.

Why KBF?

One fund. Multiple donations. Lasting impact.

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to support your favorite causes through one simple transaction. Contribute to your fund, then recommend how it’s allocated to various charities and ministries. We invest and manage your gifts allowing you to make a long-term impact.

Christian Social Screening

Work with a team that shares your Baptist values and supports your ministry goals. Have confidence your resources won’t support organizations or causes in conflict with your beliefs.

Tax Benefits

We’ll help you evaluate and select the best way to establish your Donor Advised Fund so you can maximize available tax benefits.

Professional Management

Enjoy a seamless management experience from a team of finance professionals you can trust. We ensure your funds are used effectively and efficiently, so your resources have the greatest impact.

Simple. Flexible. Impactful.

Start making a bigger difference.

It’s simple! Here’s how it works:

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Step 1

Schedule a free consultation.

Solution that works for you 2
Step 2

Contribute to your Donor Advised Fund.

Leave a legacy of generosity 2
Step 3

Watch your money and ministry impact multiply!

Are you ready to simplify your giving?

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