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Give confidently.

The wide variety of avenues for giving can feel overwhelming. That’s why our team is here to help you evaluate your assets and charitable giving options—so you can confidently choose the best method for tax-smart giving that achieves your charitable goals.

Christian Social Screening

Work with a team that shares your Baptist values and supports your ministry goals. Have confidence your resources won’t support organizations or causes in conflict with your beliefs.

Tax Benefits

We’ll help you evaluate and select the best charitable giving options so you can maximize available tax benefits.

Professional Management

Enjoy a seamless management experience from a team of finance professionals you can trust. We ensure your funds are used effectively and efficiently, so your resources have the greatest impact. 

Choose the right strategy for your charitable giving.


Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift that distributes a fixed lifetime income to the donor with the remainder of the funds benefiting your church or other ministries.

  • One-time contribution
  • Generates fixed lifetime income for you and a beneficiary
  • Offers immediate tax deductions
  • Provides long-term support beyond your lifetime

Example: Bethany is nearing retirement age and wants to continue supporting her favorite missions organization but is worried about losing a stable income. Instead of making one-time gifts here and there as her retirement funds allow, she donates $10,000 in the form of a gift annuity. For the rest of her life, she’ll receive a fixed annual payment. After her lifetime, the remaining funds will be distributed to the missions organization, continuing her legacy of enabling mission work around the world.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable gift that distributes a fixed amount or percentage to the donor with the remainder of the funds benefiting your church or other ministries.

  • Accepts contributions over time
  • Can generate income for multiple beneficiaries
  • Offers immediate tax deductions
  • Can benefit multiple charities
  • Provides long-term support beyond your lifetime

Example: Instead of selling their lake house, the Smiths donate the property to KBF to benefit their Christian alma mater through a charitable remainder trust. Annually, they receive 5% of fair market value of the trust assets as revalued annually. Now they can avoid costly management and taxes, enjoy an ongoing income, and invest in future generations of students.


Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable gift that distributes a fixed or variable amount to your church or favorite ministry with the remaining assets eventually benefiting the donor or the donor’s heirs.

  • Distributes regular gifts to one or more organizations for a fixed number of years
  • Provides future tax deductions
  • Immediately benefits the church or ministry
  • Provides future security for donor or other beneficiaries

Example: Dale wants to pass along property to his children after his death but doesn’t want to burden them with overwhelming taxes. He establishes a charitable lead trust to immediately benefit his church and reduce future taxes when the remainder of his assets are returned to his beneficiaries.

Charitable giving allows you to:

Support organizations you’re passionate about

Enjoy tax benefits

Leave a legacy of generosity

Experience a sense of personal fulfillment

Feel more connected to your favorite ministry

Impact future generations



Kingdom-Minded Stewards: Chester & Betty Kitchen

“The foundation’s fantastic fiscal management of our endowments enables us to focus on the work at hand – the work of educating young people for time and eternity.”

Larry A. Gritton, Jr.

President, Oneida Baptist Institute

“They invest funds in such a way as to honor our deeply held convictions and values while helping individuals and organizations steward their resources to help fund the Great Commission.”

Dr. Todd Gray

Executive Director-Treasurer, Kentucky Baptist Convention

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