Join with others to Fund the Great Commission

Generous donors have established Endowment funds which benefit our ministry partners. These endowments provide ongoing ministry support allowing these organizations to expand their ministry impact.

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“The Kentucky Baptist Foundation is a highly valued and trusted ministry partner for Kentucky Baptists. They invest funds in such a way as to honor our deeply held convictions and values while helping individuals and organizations steward their resources to help fund the Great Commission.”

Dr. Todd Gray

Executive Director-Treasurer – Kentucky Baptist Convention

"The partnership of The Kentucky Baptist Foundation plays a critical role in the ongoing work of Oneida Baptist Institute. The foundation's fantastic fiscal management of our endowments enables us to focus on the work at hand - the work of educating young people for time and eternity."

Larry A. Gritton, Jr.

President, Oneida Baptist Institute

Other Ways to Give.

In addition to these ministries, we also have endowment funds which support the ministry of churches across the state. Contact us to see if there is an endowment for your church, or ask how you can help establish an endowment to secure future funding for your church or favorite ministry.