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BY: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

What a pleasure and a privilege it is to communicate to those individuals, families, churches and church-related organizations to whom we are seeking to encourage, educate and enable about solutions to the stewardship issues related to faith, family and finances.  We use a variety of communication channels because of the variety of channels used by those we seek to serve.  Those channels include personal visits, telephone, email, group presentations, direct mail, the Western Recorder, a quarterly newsletter and the internet.

            As the ways and the speed with which people communicate continue to change dramatically, we are adapting to those changes in order to stay connected with and to add to our constituents.  Did you know almost 80% of Americans have internet access in their homes?  Did you know the fastest growing group of Facebook users is people age 55 and older?
            I am excited to announce we have just launched a new website.  It is much more user friendly, more interactive, has more useful information relevant to a broader multi-generational audience and is integrated with our new Facebook presence and blog.  It was designed and will be maintained using the latest technology.
            Let me encourage you right now to click on the site at and browse.  Whether you are seeking information for yourself or for your church or organ
ization, you will be impressed immediately with the simplicity of the home page from which you can navigate through the channel or channels in which you have an interest.
            From the website you can access easily our Facebook page, which includes regularly changing articles and updated news.  Or, you can access Facebook directly at  Either way, click “like” and enter your email address in the “subscribe” box so you will receive the automatic updates.  If you decide later you do not want the automatic alerts you can unsubscribe at anytime.
            Laurie and I will be writing the blogs and would welcome the opportunity to converse with you at , or click “blog” from Facebook.
            Let’s stay connected!

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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