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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO  
           Most Christians tend to support the mission of their church and other charitable organizations by writing a check and placing it in the offering plate or sending it through the mail.  Checkbook giving also tends to be giving out of one’s income without regard to certain non cash assets the Lord has entrusted to us.
            If you think about it for a moment, the noncash assets the Lord has entrusted to you likely have greater value than the cash assets He has entrusted to you. Noncash assets consist of real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, business interests, retirement plan assets and life insurance cash surrender values. These non cash assets cannot be placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning, and may require the assistance of a professional adviser in making charitable gifts.  Using noncash assets for charitable giving typically is done as part of one’s overall estate and financial planning and may take advantage of certain tax-advantaged methods to accomplish one’s giving objectives.
            Noncash assets can be given in a variety of ways and at various times over one’s life.  They can be given outright, by bequest in a will or trust, by beneficiary designation of retirement plan survivor benefits and life insurance death benefits, and by payable on death provisions of bank and brokerage accounts.
            Since all of our possessions belong to the Lord, who has entrusted them to us to manage and to use according to His purposes, it behooves us to consider prayerfully “giving beyond our checkbooks.”  Furthermore, the financial resources required to advance the Kingdom in the future depends upon it.
            There are two ways the KBF can be helpful in educating and enabling you to move beyond checkbook giving.  First, Laurie Valentine is available to you by telephone or a personal visit to provide helpful information and to answer your questions.  Second, Laurie and I are available to conduct a seminar in your church or older adult group.  Please call us; we want to help.
Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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