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By: Richard Carnes

As I sit here in my temporary home work space, as many of you are during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, I’ve reflected on what final words I want to express in my last column as President of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation. I am a fortunate individual that has been blessed, not once but twice, to serve in an executive leadership role with the Kentucky Baptist Foundation. The opportunity to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through this legacy stewardship ministry and to be a fellow servant with the KBF board of directors and my staff colleagues is an honor and privilege I will forever cherish.

I want to take the next few moments to express appreciation to several significant relationships and parties. First, I want to express appreciation to the 17 members of the KBF Board of Directors, for their steadfast support, wisdom, and encouragement in directing the financial ministry of the Foundation.

I also want to express appreciation to a dedicated KBF staff I’ve been honored to serve with as colleagues. They are a solid group of professionals who foster a wonderful atmosphere of collegiality and exhibit a commitment to serve every one of our clients in a Christ honoring way. They’ve been a constant blessing to me.

As well I want to express appreciation to KBC Executive Director Dr. Todd Gray and all the KBC Mission Board leadership for the strong partnership support we have with the KBC in serving Kentucky Baptists.

I especially want to express thanks to our donors and clients, who through the past 75 years have called upon the services of the KBF and created funds through the Foundation. Their generosity has enabled us to distribute in excess of $194 million during these 75 years, to Baptist ministry causes as directed by these faithful donors and clients.

I’m happy to report the Foundation is sound and stands on solid footing through this very uncertain period in our country as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, we’ve all taken a bit of a punch, and it may have knocked a little wind out of us, but we’re still standing, we’re still in the arena, and we continue to proclaim the great Good News that Christ is on the throne and reigns eternal. I’m so proud of our Kentucky Baptist churches and the way they have used this pandemic circumstance to expand the communication of the Gospel and literally taken the message outside the four walls of the church and into the community through creative technology.

I look forward to the advancement of the KBF’s legacy stewardship ministry, and I know the next president will be equally blessed with the opportunity to serve such a special group of people called Kentucky Baptists!

Richard Carnes is retiring as president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation on June 30th, 2020.

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