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Kentucky Baptist Foundation Funding the Great Commission

By: Barry G. Allen

Oliver Wendell Holmes advised this: “Put not your trust in money; rather put your money in trust.” What better trust than one that honors Christ and provides a perpetual benefit for the advancement of His Kingdom through the mission of one or more of your favorite Baptist organizations, including your church?

Your Kentucky Baptist Foundation is Kentucky Baptists’ one and only “trust agency.” It is a “sacred trust” in that it is set apart and dedicated to receiving and administering endowment and trust funds for the perpetual benefit of Kingdom advance through the support of the missionary, educational and benevolent ministries of your larger Baptist family in Kentucky and to the ends of the earth, which include churches, associations, KBC related institutions, agencies, auxiliary and partnering organizations, the KBC Mission Board and SBC related entities. In the realms of estate stewardship consultation and perpetual funds management, everyone needs someone they can trust to provide solutions to the philanthropic goals the Lord has laid upon their hearts. For 70 years, your Kentucky Baptist Foundation has remained worthy of the trust of its Baptist family.

It’s trustworthy because it brings the very highest business and ethical standards in fulfilling its mission as a “sacred trust.” It is trustworthy in the fact it does not exist for itself but for the rest of its Baptist family. It is trustworthy because of the proven quality, integrity and prudence in the management and methods by which it is led and governed. It is trustworthy because of the hundreds of Kentucky Baptists who have utilized it to accomplish the Christian stewardship purposes they understood God was calling them to accomplish with the financial resources He entrusted to them.

We want to extend to you the services of this “sacred trust,” called the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, to facilitate the stewardship of that which the Lord has entrusted to you to use for His purposes. Laurie Valentine, our trust counsel, is awaiting your toll-free call.

For more information, please call us at (502) 489-3533 or toll free in KY at 1(866) 489-3533.

Barry Allen is the retired President and CEO of the KBF and currently serves as a consultant to the interim management team. This article published in this week’s Western Recorder also appeared in a previous edition of the paper. The information in this article is provided as general information and is not intended as legal or tax advice. For advice and assistance in specific cases, you should seek the advice of an attorney or other professional adviser.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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