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By: Richard Carnes

As we prepare to enter 2020, the Kentucky Baptist Foundation looks forward to celebrating its 75thanniversary as the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s trust agency. Throughout this long history, the foundation has been Striving Side by Side for Christ’s Kingdom by assisting Kentucky Baptists in financial stewardship education and the management of financial resources entrusted to it by donors and clients.

Many church leaders are realizing that for churches to be successful in reaching their communities for Christ, churches must be equipped to educate their members about the opportunities for legacy giving, utilizing their non-cash assets, which on average represent 91 percent of a person’s net worth.

The great news for church leaders is they are not alone in providing this type of Christian estate stewardship training for their members. The foundation helps facilitate this training of church members to become more “Kingdom-minded” by conducting educational seminars on financial and estate planning topics at your church. This educational resource is provided by the foundation at no cost to Kentucky Baptist churches.

An additional resource to church members is the private confidential consultation service available to Kentucky Baptists through the expertise of Austin Wilkerson, the foundation’s trust counsel. Through these foundation ministries, Kentucky Baptist individuals and families have a valuable resource available to assist them in fulfilling their stewardship obedience to the Lord, which will facilitate their opportunities to share Christ with those who do not know Him.

As the Kentucky Baptist Foundation board of directors and staff Strive Side by Sidein its financial stewardship ministry, we shall continue to take seriously our fiduciary duty as the trust agency of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. We are honored to serve alongside the KBC to be the development agency for its churches, the Cooperative Program, associations and other KBC causes.

Richard Carnes is president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, PO Box 436389, Louisville, KY 40253;

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Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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