Jim and Shirley Taliaferro


If you have ever been on a church-sponsored mission trip, you know it can be life-changing. It opens your eyes. It opens your heart. It ignites your love for a place, a people, or a cause.

34 years ago, when Jim and Shirley Taliaferro went to Kenya on their first mission trip, it sparked a love for missions and instigated a lifetime of helping others all over the world. Over the course of their lives, they have gone on over 35 mission trips to places like Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Poland, American Samoa, Hawaii, North Carolina, Mississippi, Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky.

Jim has a construction background, so he would build and repair churches and Christian schools. He even built picnic tables and benches for a women’s prison. Shirley would teach ESL, Women On Mission training, and participate in prayer walks. While in Russia, the ladies on the trip did a prayer walk around the Kremlin.

It was also after their mission trip to Russia that they decided to start a Missions Endowment to help others at their church go on mission trips. They saw the great need for building churches in Russia, and they wanted to encourage others to go and meet the need. That fund continues to be available to their church for mission trips today.
They say a mission trip changes the person who goes the most. The Taliaferros know this. Mission trips changed their lives. And others can experience that with the help of their endowment.

If you want to start a Missions Endowment for your church, please reach out to us. It will change so many lives.

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