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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

With all of life’s complexities with which we are bombarded daily, the idea of simplifying anything sounds refreshing, does it not? Even though we Christians know the reason for the season we still seem to get caught up in the complexities of shopping, cooking, entertaining and traveling and miss the full blessings of giving.

So, why not simplify your life, avoid some of the complexities of the holidays, do more for Christ and make sure your giving reflects the true spirit of Christmas.

And while you are at it, why not multiply your giving to make your gifts go further? If you are about to write checks to your church and other charitable organizations let me suggest you consider instead gifting appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares, if that is an option for you. By gifting appreciated assets you avoid the capital gains tax, and therefore, lower the cost of your gifts or multiply the value of what you give versus cash gifts.

In addition, why not consider establishing with the KBF a donor advised fund to which you can make cash gifts and appreciated stock gifts to take advantage of the tax deduction in 2011 but defer the distributions to your church and other charitable organizations to 2012 or later? This is another practical way to multiply your giving. Call Laurie Valentine or me toll-free for more information on this simple, but effective tax-advantaged giving option.

Finally, why not dignify your giving by considering a legacy gift that pays tribute to someone you love, or one that would perpetuate your own Christian witness beyond your life time? A legacy gift to the KBF to establish a permanent endowment for the perpetual benefit of your church and other charitable organizations near and dear to your heart would be a wonderful way to dignify your 2011 giving. You could start with a modest gift and make additional gifts in the future, including a bequest or beneficiary designation in your estate plan. Laurie and I are just a toll-free phone call away to assist you.

Tis the season to simplify, multiply and dignify.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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