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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

Where do you get your Baptist news and views? I read weekly the Western Recorder, our official Kentucky Baptist news journal since 1919, because I believe it is the most complete, reliable and readily available source of staying informed about key issues in Kentucky Baptist life and beyond.

I know I can depend upon the Western Recorder because I have confidence in its leadership and governance. Like the Foundation, the Western Recorder is an agency of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and therefore, is accountable to the primary constituency it serves through established reporting procedures. In keeping with the historic, time-honored Baptist principle of a free press, I appreciate how well editor Todd Deaton fulfills the paper’s purposes with integrity and insight, and without fear or favor. I am also proud of the professional way in which the news is presented. It’s an award-winning paper year-after-year.

Baptist news and views from the Western Recorder are available to you today in a variety of formats. The website,, has become a primary portal for current news with a video segment. There is a digital edition with email alerts. An online subscription option will be available soon.

Although the specific mission of the Western Recorder may not generate as much emotion and passion as the mission of a Christian education institution, a children’s ministry, a human needs ministry or a missions and evangelism ministry, it is nonetheless an essential component in our cooperative missions efforts to connect all people to Jesus Christ, and therefore, worthy of enhancing and preserving.

Let me encourage you prayerfully to consider supporting this ministry now and/or in the future by contributing to an existing endowment or establishing your own endowment. Perhaps you have appreciated securities or real estate to give, or the cash value of a life insurance policy you no longer need. Perhaps a bequest in your will or revocable living trust, or a retirement plan beneficiary designation would work for you. Please call us toll-free to assist you.

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