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By: Charles Barnes, Chair
Board of Directors

At the request of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation Board of Directors, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, at its 2013 convention, approved changing Kentucky Baptist Foundation’s purposes as defined in its Articles of Incorporation. The three main purposes now are as follows:

1) To serve as the development agency for cooperating affiliated KBC churches, but not limited to, promoting legacy gifts to and administering funds for such churches.

2) To promote legacy gifts for the benefit of the Cooperative Program.

3) To further develop religious, benevolent, charitable, educational, and missionary activities by serving, administering funds of, and promoting any institution, agency, association, or enterprise fostered by or having official sanction of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

The Foundation’s new president, Richard Carnes, assumed his leadership role on June 1, 2015. He will begin a new era of ministry focusing on the local church and the Cooperative Program. These two causes are vital to the future growth of Kingdom work among Baptists and around the world. The church is the foundation on which the KBC builds all its ministry. The Cooperative Program is the key source of support for this ministry and cannot be “taken for granted.”

In order to be effective, Richard will need the support and cooperation of all KBC church pastors. There are two major things that you can do. One, spend some time with Richard and learn how the Kentucky Baptist Foundation can best service your church. The opportunities will differ among churches. Together you can determine the most effective approach. Second, begin to identify members whose commitment to stewardship would benefit by knowing how the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, at no cost, could help them realize their Christian stewardship commitment through legacy giving in a good estate plan, and to introduce them to Richard or Laurie Valentine, KBF’s Trust Counsel (502.489.3533 or 866.489.3533, toll-free KY only).

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I want to thank all Kentucky Baptists who allow the Kentucky Baptist Foundation to serve them and further advance all of our Kingdom works. Pastors, please join with us in partnership in this new era of service.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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