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Mary Pat Price was known to Baptists around the world as a kingdom-minded steward. She demonstrated in a variety of ways with her time, talents and treasures her love for Christ and His mission in this world, and her love for family.

She was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, three miles outside Shelbyville โ€œnot in a hospital.โ€ Upon graduation from Bagdad High School, she attended Bethel Junior College and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1943. Her ministry assignments were as Youth Director at the First Baptist Church Clarksville, Tennessee, and then at First Baptist Church Frankfort, Kentucky.

While attending the 1957 state WMU convention at Jonathan Creek Baptist Assembly, she met J. Brandon Price, a young lawyer who was in attendance on youth night. Actually, a mutual friend prearranged their meeting. They married soon thereafter. She and the late Judge Price had two sons, J. B. and Kent. J. B. is a computer analyst, and Kent is an attorney. She has two grandchildren.

As a long-time resident of Paducah, Kentucky and a long-time member of First Baptist Church, Mary Patโ€™s service to Christ through her church and community is legendary. The Kentucky Baptist Foundation had the good fortune of having the benefit of her service for two terms on its Board of Directors.

On March 26th, 2010, God welcomed Mary Pat Home. While we will miss her, her lagacy will live forever.

Over the years, Mary Pat utilized all of the services of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, including our private estate and charitable gift planning consultation service with trust counsel Laurie Valentine. She made regular and on-going cash contributions to endowment funds that provide perpetual support for ministries near and dear to her heart. She purchased life insurance policies on the lives of her two sons the death proceeds of which will fund two perpetual endowments in their names. Each endowment will provide support to five different ministries. And, finally, she and her sister, Jane Kent, each established a charitable remainder trust with the gift of their Shelby County family farmland. In addition to significant tax benefits Mary Pat received an income benefit during her lifetime. At her death the trust assets funded an endowment for her perpetual support of 8 more ministries.

Collectively, Mary Pat set in place a kingdom-minded stewardship plan that will perpetuate her Christian legacy and provide on-going financial support, until Jesus comes again, through 17 ministries from Paducah to the ends of the earth.

The Lord blessed us with the life of Mary Pat Price. May He add His blessings to the multitudes that will benefit from her faithful stewardship and may others emulate her example.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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