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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

Recently a pastor called me and informed me a church member wanted to make a gift of appreciated stock to the church. He needed help in how to do that. I asked him if the church had a brokerage account to which he responded, “no.” I suggested step #1 was for the church to open a brokerage account. Not only would that accommodate this member’s stock gift but also would open the door to a whole new way of giving for other church members who likely would make non cash gifts for the benefit of the church if such opportunity were available to him. The pastor was a bit resistant to the idea, and guess what he said? “We’ve never done that before.”

Those are the “famous last words” of too many Baptist church and denominational leaders. Instead of those words, church and denominational leaders should be encouraging, educating and equipping church members in how to give non cash gifts to and through their churches. I urge pastors and church leaders to communicate regularly to church members your gratitude for their faithful, consistent and generous support of the church and other Kingdom ministries. In addition, I urge pastors and church leaders to ask church members to consider extending their stewardship beyond just offering plate gifts to include estate gifts. More often than not when I speak in churches about estate stewardship church members respond by saying “you know, I’ve never thought about that before, and my church has never asked me to consider such giving.”

If your church is going to be effective in reaching for Christ your community, this state, the nation and the world, it must encourage, educate, equip and enable its members in how to steward out of their estate assets. Offering plate dollars will not be sufficient. The Kentucky Baptist Foundation exists and stands ready to assist your church. Please do not delay. Contact Laurie Valentine or me today.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ I want these to be the “famous last words,” of my life: “… Well done, good and faithful servant!” What about you? 

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