Faithful Couple’s Lasting Legacy

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In June 1998, a friend of the Foundation connected the KBF to Fred and Eleanor Dorris with whom he had had a long personal relationship. They were his and his parent’s neighbors during his growing-up years, and fellow church members. Over time he became not only a trusted friend but also a trusted advisor.

The Dorrises had come to the place in their lives, age-wise and health-wise, where they needed to update their estate plans to reflect what they understood to be God’s purposes for the things of this world with which He had blessed and entrusted to them for continued use in His mission after they died.

What an inspiration it was to Laurie Valentine, KBF trust counsel, and CEO Barry Allen to meet and to assist them in putting in place what became their final plans. Working with them, their advisor, and their attorney, the necessary documents were executed by them in August 1998.

Eleanor died in 2003, 14 months after Fred; both were in their 90’s. How fortunate it was for them and their beneficiaries that they had completed and documented their plans long before they became incapacitated prior to their deaths.

What a legacy they left! What a difference for the cause of Christ they will continue to make beyond their lifetimes! After distributions to family, friends and various charities, the remainder came to the Foundation to fund the perpetual endowment, which bears their names, for the benefit of the ministries of their local church, a KBC-related institution, and an SBC-related institution. This represented the largest single bequest the Foundation had ever received.

Throughout their lives, they lived well below their means, and they believed financial independence and helping others were more important than displaying high social status. They discovered the truth of Jesus’ teaching about being “rich toward God” and that one’s life does not consist in the abundance of one’s possessions (Luke 12:13-21).

May the Lord add His blessings to the lives of the multitudes who in the unfolding future will be connected to Jesus Christ by this couple’s faithful generosity.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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