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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO
My late father’s favorite scripture was Malachi 3:10, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse…”  As I recall my early years, I can vividly recall his stewardship testimonies.  He convinced me by his words and deeds of his understanding of the scriptures that giving anything less than one-tenth of my income was robbing God.  He more than tithed his income and business profits, and my mother gave a tithe of the allowance he provided her to manage our household.
I remember my father checking my church offering envelope after I received my first real paycheck.  Guess what?  I had included a tenth.  Tithing became a way of life for me, and I have been able to prove both the reason and the promise Malachi gave the people of God about tithing in Malachi 3:6-12.  My wife and I have taught our children to do the same.
How is failing to tithe robbing God? The tithe principle was born in an agricultural setting.  If there was to be a future crop, some of the current year’s harvest had to be saved for seed.  If everything was eaten, that is if everything was taken out and nothing put back into the cycle, the process would collapse.  The tithe was the “seed fund,” and it is a principle that applies to all of life.  If you are not putting back into the process of life, you are a taker, a freeloader, a burden on the process, and, yes, a robber.
Perhaps you ought to put back more than a tithe.  What Zaccheus did in giving half of what he had is not out of the question for many people. (Luke 19:8)
Prayer focus: Ask the Lord to impress upon you the tithe principle as a way of life.
Next Week: Proportionate and Systematic Giving
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