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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

Every charitable organization, the KBF included, faces three major challenges: (1) the communication challenge; (2) the cultivation challenge; and (3) the competition challenge.

The cultivation challenge for us is to have the opportunity to encourage, educate and enable every adult Kentucky Baptist to have a Christian estate plan. An effective way to do that is to receive an invitation from a church or an adult group in the church to conduct one of our Christian estate stewardship education seminars. We have nothing to sell, and we do not twist anybody’s arm to do anything; it’s purely an educational experience.

With more than 1.5M charitable organizations seeking to tap into the greatest generational wealth transfer in history, the competition among these organizations, including churches and church-related organizations, has become fierce, thus the competition challenge. Our greatest concern is charitably minded individuals will become confused about which organizations to support, and as a result will become desensitized in their giving. We remind them as Christians in the matter of financial stewardship our first loyalty is to Christ through our churches and other Great Commission service ministries.

The communication challenge is our greatest challenge. Since information and news is received in so many different ways today, it is a challenge for us to disseminate effectively the information we want to share via all of the different media methods people are using. The cost of communicating is also part of the challenge. As a religious organization we must maximize the stewardship of the limited financial resources available to us.

As we look to future we would like to communicate with you via email. And we pledge never to share your email address with anyone else. We shall appreciate you providing us your email address either by email response to me at [email protected] or by telephone at 502.489.3533, or toll free Kentucky only at 866.489.3533.

Also, please “Like” us on Facebook if you are a Facebook user – and – share our page with others any time you find it useful.

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