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Barry G. Allen- President and CEO

I was inspired upon reading the 1950 report to the messengers of the General Association of Baptists in KY (now the KBC) of the late A. M. Vollmer, executive secretary of the KBF. His message is timeless, and therefore, I share a portion with you verbatim in its 1950s language.

“Men with limited intelligence may make money and men without intelligence may inherit money, but it takes men of keen intellect to rightly use money. It is hard to battle against money lust. It requires strength and courage. It is really the use of possessions that reveals character. What a man does with what he has tells the story of what he is.

Failure to make good use of possessions is folly. God called a man who accumulated large sums, enlarged barns, and made no provision for the future a ‘fool.’ George F. Johnson, a great shoe manufacturer, said ‘To die rich is a disgrace.’ It is the equivalent to failing at a very vital point in life.

Men and women who are blessed with earthly possessions have serious responsibilities. Great wisdom, cautious consideration and a keen Christian conscience should be used in planning for the future of these possessions. The one who fails at this point will lose the power of Christian testimony. He will soon be forgotten by succeeding generations. Failure in an opportunity for doing good can weaken prospects of a reward in heaven.

He who makes good use of possessions will show strength of character, sincerity of caution, and leave a powerful Christian testimony for succeeding generations by doing good in the world until the Lord comes again and will win a rich reward in the final reckoning day….

There is every reason why every Baptist should give serious consideration to the matter of placing his Lord’s money in that place where its usefulness will never cease and its testimony to the loyalty of the donor will never die…. The cry of a lost and dying world urges them to do it.”

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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