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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

            Bill Mackey is the fourth KBC executive leader with whom I have had the privilege of serving these past 40 years.  And in the spirit of Mordecai’s profession of divine providence about Queen Esther, I can profess each of these godly leaders responded to the call to lead Kentucky Baptists “for such a time as this.”  As Bill retires May 31, having been the KBC executive director since February 1, 1998, the KBF is honored to feature and pay tribute to Bill and Kay in the summer edition of our newsletter, “Living Legacy.” You can access it at

            I have not known anyone who has demonstrated a greater passion than Bill Mackey for strengthening local churches and expanding their visions of world evangelization – and – their commitments to the Cooperative Program as the best way to connect all people to Jesus Christ.  As a fellow Kentucky Baptist and KBC related entity leader, I say “thank you, Bill, and job well done!”

            Bill and Kay, high school sweethearts from Lancaster County, SC, married in 1963.  Across the years these two Great Commission Christians have said as much, if not more, by their lives as they have said by their lips.  And now, they are leaving a lasting legacy of their love for Christ and His mission in this world and their confidence in the Cooperative Program as the most effective way to facilitate the accomplishment of the Great Commission by establishing with the KBF the Bill and Kay Mackey Endowment Fund for the Cooperative Program.  You can express your appreciation, admiration and affection for Bill and Kay and their leadership by making a contribution in any amount to this endowment fund.  You can send a check payable to the KBF designated for this fund to: P.O. Box 436389, Louisville, KY 40253.  For gifts of appreciated assets, please call Laurie Valentine or me.

            Thank you, Bill and Kay, for your conviction, your confidence and your witness.  May we all emulate your example!

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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