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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

     At the May 10 session of the KBC Mission Board meeting Convention President Floyd Paris observed “the Kentucky Baptist Foundation is probably Kentucky Baptists’ best kept secret.” He continued by bearing testimony and giving examples of how the KBF had facilitated the estate stewardship of some of his church members. Then he encouraged all of the Mission Board members, in the spirit of the More for Christ emphasis, to utilize the KBF services, especially the stewardship education seminars we conduct in churches and with senior adult groups, and the private estate planning consultation service for them and their fellow church members. What a joy it was to get that kind of affirmation and encouragement from our Convention President, and, in the presence of that important leadership group! Needless to say, I was sincerely gratified.

     Since 1945 your Kentucky Baptist Foundation has remained steadfast and solid for Kingdom advancement. What distinguishes the KBF from other foundations is the emphasis on Kingdom advancement. We seek always to bring the highest business and Christian standards and methods as a fiduciary of funds and as a facilitator of life-changing legacies for Kingdom advancement.

     We believe God is the creator and owner of all things, and we are called to be His managers (stewards). How we plan our estates likely will be the single most significant act of financial stewardship we shall ever perform. And, through estate stewardship, each and every one of us, regardless of our financial stations in life, can do “more for Christ.”

     So, now the secret is out! What will be your response? There is no cost or obligation for a private, confidential estate planning consultation session by telephone or in person. Neither is there any cost for us to conduct a seminar in your church or senior adult group. We cover such topics, as estate stewardship and incapacity planning, ways to make charitable gifts other than cash, the truth about probate and living trusts and long term care planning.

     Call us toll free to arrange a visit or visit our website for more information. (502) 489-3533 or 1-866-489-3533 (Toll-free, Kentucky only)

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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