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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

If you are like me, you are concerned with the high rate of young people dropping out of church once they go to college. There is a solution. Itโ€™s Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM).

Based upon the results of a recent study conducted by Brian Combs, the full-time Baptist campus minister at Northern Kentucky University, 94% of college graduates of Kentucky colleges from 2000 to 2010, who were involved in BCM, now attend church at least weekly. WOW! Furthermore, 67% of those graduates serve in church leadership positions. According to Brian, โ€œthey go into churches with an understanding of what it means to relate to each other and what it means to work with ministries.โ€ What good news that should be to our churches!

Kentucky Baptists have recognized for many years the Kingdom-advancement value of BCM and have been committed to providing the strongest and most effective BCM among all of the state Baptist conventions. There is a BCM presence on all of the major college and university campuses in Kentucky as well as some community and technical colleges. A number of those campuses have a full-time or part-time campus minister as well as a Baptist student center.

BCM is exciting, important and challenging. The mission of BCM is to disciple and mobilize every generation of students to model the Great Commission, become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, discover their calling in life and be on mission to connect other people to Jesus Christ. By focusing students on missions, evangelism, leadership development, discipleship, worship and fellowship, these students emerge with hearts of service and skills to strengthen churches.

Such a mission, and especially with the highly effective results it has achieved, is worthy of your consideration for a legacy gift. I am pleased to inform you of the establishment of the Baptist Campus Ministry Endowment Fund. Your legacy gift will provide perpetual support for the continued development and mobilization of the next generation of servant leaders who will change the world for the sake of Christ.

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