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By: Laurie Valentine-COO & Trust Counsel 

Using the Kentucky Baptist Foundation to accomplish your legacy giving objectives can benefit both you and the Baptist causes you wish to support.

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation receives and administers legacy gifts for the support of all Kentucky Baptist and Southern Baptist causes. As a “member of the family”, the Foundation has a special appreciation and affection for the mission and ministry of the causes that will be supported through your gifts. This connection assures you, as the giver, the Foundation has each cause’s best interests in mind as it manages the gifts made for that cause’s benefit.

Many donors want to provide support to more than one cause and realize that dividing their gift may result in lower total support. A single trust or endowment fund can be set up with the Kentucky Baptist Foundation to provide support to multiple Baptist causes. This can result in more consistent levels of support for all—-each cause will have the benefit of the same level of competent investment management oversight services and the economies of centralized fund management.

Designating the Kentucky Baptist Foundation as the manager of your gift assures the causes you want to support are left to do what they were called to do—missions, Christian education, child care, evangelism, disaster relief, etc. You relieve their board and staff of the responsibility for investment research, analysis, decision-making, transacting and reporting, and place those responsibilities with the organization whose mission is to provide competent, prudent financial management for the causes selected by its donors.

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Kentucky Baptist Foundation

Kentucky Baptist Foundation

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