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By: Barry G. Allen- President & CEO

The accessibility to a Kentucky Baptist Christian higher education is a concern of mine, and I trust, a concern of yours as well.

I believe Christian higher education is more essential today than ever before, and yet, it is becoming less accessible to many students due to the ever increasing cost. This reality is true also for public higher education. But it is the Christian higher education institution that is dependent upon private gifts from you and me to keep it accessible to the students whose family financial circumstances require financial assistance.

At the heart of their missions, our Kentucky Baptist Christian education institutions are teaching institutions with a focus on helping their students become lifelong learners who will make a positive difference in the world through service to Jesus Christ and to their fellowman. Campbellsville University President, Dr. Michael Carter, has stated it this way: “The very essence of Christian higher education, especially in the Baptist tradition, is in the degree that we allow the transformational teachings of the Christian faith to permeate the learning environment of the university…Our mission is about excellence in the classroom…also about the quest to bring our faith through our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, to the world in which we live…This is why Christian higher education is so important and why it is really a contemporary form of ‘missions.’”

There are a variety of channels through which you can provide financial assistance to maintain accessibility for those students who need it. Gifts of any amount can be made to existing scholarship funds of the institution of your choosing or to the Kentucky Baptist Foundation. The KBF has existing scholarship funds that benefit all of the Kentucky Baptist Christian higher education institutions, or you can establish your own scholarship fund with guidelines specific to your preferences.

Call us toll free to assist you in maintaining accessibility for students to receive a Christian higher education at Campbellsville, Cumberlands and Georgetown. 

For more information, please call us at (502) 489-3533 or toll free in KY at 1-(866) 489-3533

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