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Our Mission
  1. To encourage, educate and enable individuals to make stewardship decisions to establish permanent endowment and trust funds, which will (a) perpetuate a Christian witness beyond their lifetimes and (b) provide long-term financial strength and stability for one or more charitable causes of their choosing.
  2. To provide investment oversight and accounting services to Kentucky Baptist-related and SBC-related churches, associations, institutions and agencies and certain other IRC §501(c)(3) organizations for their endowment and endowment-type (quasi) funds.

Faith. Family. Future.

For 75 years the Kentucky Baptist Foundation (KBF) has been supporting local churches, institutions and individuals to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It has been a joy to provide Kentucky Baptists training in biblical stewardship, education in legacy giving and management of financial resources given by donors.

Faith: Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:6

The KBF encourages people to have faith in God and giving to the Lord’s work is an expression of a believer’s commitment to Him. As a pastor, I realize that delivering stewardship sermons might be out of a preacher’s comfort zone. However, a review of scriptures helps us realize that Jesus spoke often on the priority of giving, and KBF exists to provide resources to help our pastors and their congregations.

Family: Let us do good to all, especially to those of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

I am privileged to be the Foundation’s president, and I have been a Kentucky Baptist my entire adult life. After graduating from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, I was blessed to pastor several churches and served as moderator of the Enterprise Baptist and Northern Kentucky Baptist associations. I would love to see our Baptist family come together and reach more Kentuckians with the gospel.

Future: One generation commends your works to another. Psalm 145:4

The Bible teaches us to encourage the next generation through our giving. Churches, mission programs and ministries are blessed by the dedicated Christians who give faithfully through the church. KBF encourages each believer to “tithe their estate” by planning a legacy consultation. We come alongside individuals and churches to provide guidance on establishing “forever funds” for all our ministries.