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By: Barry G. Allen-President & CEO

This week I want to share another testimonial of a story of Christian stewardship that linked a retired couple together with their church and the Kentucky Baptist Foundation in a sacred trust.

This wonderful couple had two adult children and grandchildren. They were very active in all aspects of their church. She was active in WMU and the missions committee; he was a deacon, Sunday school teacher and involved in weekend lay revivals. But, missions was their first love, and over the years they combined their love for missions and their love of travel into a series of short term mission trips, including several trips with the KBC partnership missions groups.

Their love for missions and their sense of stewardship resulted in a desire to establish a missions legacy. Their pastor recommended they contact me. I met with them in their home. What an informative and inspirational experience that visit was for me! I listened with admiration, appreciation and affection as they shared not only their stewardship testimonies but also their compassion for those who were without Christ and their passion to continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ beyond their lifetimes.

So, it was fitting this faithful, generous couple established with the Kentucky Baptist Foundation a perpetual endowment fund bearing their names the earnings from which are distributed to their church, and will continue to be until the Lord returns, to provide financial resources for other church members to carry on their missions legacy by participating in short term mission trips.

Remember the story of Jesus feeding the 5000? The great truth of that experience is: Jesus is the great satisfier and the great multiplier. He satisfies our hunger and multiplies our potential. This couple understood that Jesus takes what we give to Him and multiplies it to meet the needs of the world; he can multiply our little into a lot. Jesus takes our insufficiency and makes it sufficient; he takes our inadequacy and multiplies it into an abundance. What this couple came to realize was what each of us must come to realize, and that is: obedience leads to abundance.

I encourage the many of you who have participated in short term volunteer mission trips to emulate this coupleโ€™s example of faithfulness, obedience and generosity. Laurie Valentine and I are here to assist you like we assisted them. Please call toll free.

For more information, please call us at (502) 489-3533 or toll free in KY at 1(866) 489-3533.

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