12 Things to Do in 2013- Business Sale- Brings Unique Stewardship Opportunity

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12 Things to do in 2013- #4- Laurie Valentine

Business Sale- Brings a Unique Stewardship Opportunity

For many private business owners, virtually all of their net worth is concentrated in the value of their business. As the owners of privately-owned businesses approach retirement, plans for exiting the business must be made.

Only one in five business owners expect to transfer their business to a family member (PricewaterhouseCoopers study).

The sale of a long-owned business may result in substantial capitals gains tax liability.

Demonstrate your faithfulness to the One who entrusted you with such wealth by including a charitable gift of a portion of the business in your business exit planning. Your charitable gift must be completed before you make an agreement to sell your business.

Benefits of such a giving plan include reduction of your long term capital gains tax liability, a charitable income tax deduction based on the market value of the portion of the business you give to (or for) charity, and the potential for increased income if you use a life income giving plan.

For more information go to www.kybaptist.planyourlegacy.org/GIFTbusiness.php.

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