Increased stability. Increased impact.

Establish an endowment to protect and grow your resources to increase ministry capacity.


Create a strategy for your funds.

Whether you want to make a plan for accumulated funds, unexpected large donations, or regular giving, our team is here to help you evaluate the best endowment options for your specific ministry needs.


The designated use of funds in an endowment can’t be changed, so your donors can feel confident knowing where their money is going.


Confidently make ministry plans for the future regardless of fluctuations in regular giving.


With an endowment, your principal is protected, and only the earnings are available for distribution, allowing your endowment to keep earning additional funds forever.

An Example

Customize an endowment for your ministry needs.

First Baptist Church established two separate endowments to designate donations for specific causes. Splitting their funds allowed them to safeguard both operations and ministry and ensure that donors knew exactly what they were supporting with their giving.

When weekly giving dropped because of inflation, the church could rely on its stable endowment income to ensure ministry never slowed down.

General Endowment Fund

Funds church operations and ongoing budget needs like building maintenance.

Ministry Endowment Fund

Supports ministry work in the local community and around the world.

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Add stability to your budget and expand your ministry impact.

Make a plan for your resources today so you can be freed up to focus on your ministry.